Monday, November 2, 2009

Buccaneers: No Wins, No Discipline, No Hope

They are the last winless team in the NFL. They are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the 0-7 Buccaneers, the oh-so-ugly Buccaneers of coach Raheem Morris. This is a football team without victories and as talk spreads, evidently a team without discipline. WDAE talk show host Steve Duemig brought new problems to light recently when he alleged that cornerback Aqib Talib broke curfew during the London trip, was confronted by Morris in the team's hotel lobby and promptly fired off a string of "f-bombs" at Morris. Duemig's reputation is that he can bring credible sources with his stories, he values his credibility and wouldn't have broken this news during the same week that host Dan Sileo was suspended by the station after he made allegations that the Glazer family had lost $400-$450 million in the Bernie Madoff scandal. If indeed Talib is guilty of the transgressions and disrespect for Morris, then he is a cancer on this team. He has not been suspended and the Buccaneers have neither confirmed or denied Duemig's report. Still, this is what happens with a winless team. Tennessee and St. Louis won on Sunday to elevate Tampa Bay to its dubious status as the league's only team without a win. And it doesn't look good for this coming Sunday. Rookie Josh Freeman will get his first start and it will come against the Green Bay Packers, who are no doubt angry about their loss at home last week to Brett Favre and the Vikings. This will not be an easy debut for Freeman and it could be ugly. But then just about everything about this slumping Buccaneer franchise is ugly and to add just a little to that ugliness will be the throw-back jersies for the Packer game. The team will wear those wonderful creamsickle Orange uniforms with the dashing Bucco Bruce logo. It will be a trip back to those wonderful days of 1976 when there was no hope for victory, very much the same way it is this season.

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  1. i agree the bucs are in deep trouble for the near and maybe distant future